IMG_1870Vegan Noms happily caters baked goods and treats for every occasion from office meeting to wedding feast.

Order two dozen or more cupcakes, muffins or bars. For cookies, the minimum order is three dozen.

Our catering is beautifully designed and decorated—or highly casual, straight from the truck.

  • Treat your yoga group with healthy treats after class, and experience the new healthy pose, the Mouth-Facing Cookie
  • Sweeten your bachelorette party, office party, or the sweetest Sweet 16 party on the block
  • Surprise your child’s little league team with a visit from the world’s sweetest truck
  • Provide cookies and sweets for that Happy Birthday party
  • Talk about dog treats! Watch for our new line of Vegan Nom dog cookies

Call for event and catering prices. $25 booking fee for all events.

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