Allison Catalani, Owner and Chief Baker


Chief Baker Allison CatalaniHi, I’m Allison and I’m a vegan baker.  I’m self taught, and I have personally tested and tasted every treat.

Born in Texas, I grew up in a house full of fruits and veggies from my father’s produce company.  My dad is Italian, my mother Mexican, so you can imagine that my passion for food runs deep.

At the age of six, I turned on my first EZ-Bake Oven, and have not stopped baking since. It’s no secret that I love sweets!

When I took a two-hundred-hour training course to become a yoga instructor, I  studied the benefits of vegetarian and vegan diets and how  the body stays lean, healthy, and energized. Slowly, I phased out meat and animal products. Could I do without my beloved Tex-Mex and Bar-B-Que?  I didn’t have to. I learned to cook up a storm while keeping it healthy.

What about those sweets—oh my!

No way was I going to stop eating my beloved sweets, and in a conservative, meat-hungry state, I quickly discovered that vegan desserts are scarce.  I hunkered down to research alternatives to dairy, eggs and butter.  Tried this and tested that.  Today, after much trial and error, and a lot of fun times tasting cookies, I can honestly say:

“When you try my treats, you won’t even know they’re vegan.”

I’m a firm believer that a well designed vegan diet will increase strength and endurance, and bring constant harmony to the mind and body. If the only adjustment you’re willing to make in your diet is to have vegan desserts, you’re already on the right track, and you’ll sweeten your day the healthy way!