Grand Openings

Vegan Noms debuted for two Saturdays in a row at Deep Ellum Brewery! We served up a select menu next to Easy Slider the StoutCupcakefirst Saturday and Pompeii the next, featuring our speciality cupcake made from the brewery’s own cherry chocolate stout. This location holds dear to chief baker Allison’s heart, as the brewery is down the street from the very first yoga studio she taught at and often brought her first attempts at vegan baking treat samples to her students–Super Yoga Palace. Anticipation ran through our minds preparing for this event across every social media outlet. And  we were blessed to hear gain some press coverage  from the lovely Ms. Sarah Blaskovich.

Pegasus News:

Dallas Morning News:


JohnVNSaturday was a chilly and cloudy day in Dallas, but we were quite impressed with the crowd and overjoyed to serve our first customers. Special shouts and high fives to our social media followers who bought multiple menu items! We love all of you and can’t wait to see you again at future locations! Watching customers snap Instagram and Twitter photos of our treats is the most rewarding part of the job. Thank you, thank you to everybody for all your support.

Allison’s family members and best friends came out to also show some support. Her favorite moment of the day had to be looking out the window and see her cousin’s son enjoy a brownie bite.MeandMiles

This event put us on the map and we’ll be adding many more stops throughout the month of February.